Hi! I'm a filmmaker in Los Angeles (shocker). I graduated from Chapman University, majoring in Television Writing and Production with a minor in Advertising in May 2021. Originally from New Jersey, I've had a deep passion for cinema and television since the age of 8 years old – possibly still visible via a poorly-made and rather embarrassing YouTube channel. Today, I'm fortunate enough to create, direct, write, and produce various projects. I love storytelling and look forward to the continual unfolding of my own lifetime production – both personally and professionally. Let's make something cool!


Producer - Short, "From Venus" Dir. Allison Roder (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Middle Ground" Season 15 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Odd One Out" Season 12 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "The Real Deal" Season 1 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "The Dilemma" Season 1 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Versus 1" Season 7 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Ranking" Season 4 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Ask Me Anything" Season 3 Jubilee Media (2022)

Production Coordinator - Series, "Versus 1" Season 6 Jubilee Media (2022)

Office Production Assistant - Pilot, “Kindred” FX (2021)

Office Production Assistant - A24 (2021)

Production Assistant - Series, “Insecure” S5 HBOMax (2021)

Production Assistant - Commercial, “Cannondale” Dir. William Desena (2021)

Director - Short, “All Four A Reason” (2021)

Producer - Pilot, “Hello My Name Is” Dir. Erica Kennedy/Allison Roder (2021)

Production Manager - Pilot, "Pantheon" Dir. Kamari Pope (2021)

Production Assistant - Commercial, "Mountain Dew" Dir. Ally Pankiw (2021)

1st AD - Pilot, "Punishers" Dir. Bruno Solis (2021)

Producer - Music Video, “Dreams of Losing Teeth” Dir. Becca Standt (2021)

Producer - Music Video, “Stop Calling The Police On Me” Dir. Telo Martinez/Maia Pina (2020)

Producer - Music Video, “Hug” Dir. Jackson Mach (2020)

Production Coordinator - Short, “Anne and Sloane” Dir. Willa Rydall (2019)

Producer - Short, “Heatwave” Dir. Kamil Zeglen (2019)

Producer - Short, “Spin The Bottle” Dir. Maddie Chavez (2019)

Producer - Short, “Nymph” Dir. Mackenzee Osborne (2019)

1st AD - Short, “Dough” Dir. Jackson Mach (2019)

1st AD - Short, “Don’t Look at Me Like That ” Dir. Telo Martinez (2019)

Production Manager - Documentary, “Not Without Her” Dir. Spencer Santini (2019)

Editor - Short, “We Only Kissed” Dir. Kamil Zeglen (2019)

Art Coordinator - Pilot, “Flat Dad” Dir. Jake Zieman/Simon Sager (2019)

Costume Designer - Short, “The Most Beautiful” Dir. Rachel Wilke (2019)

Script Supervisor - Short, “Tribu In The Mix” Dir. Kiersten Villanueva (2019)

1st AC - Short, “Not Just Money” Dir. Alex Edep (2018)

2nd AD - Short, “Home For The Summer” Dir. Hayley Bensmiller (2018)

Editor - Short, “Stretch Marks” Dir. Spencer Santini (2018)

G&E Swing - Short, “In Boston” Dir. Kyle Blaich (2018)

Sound Mixer - Short, “Flesh and Blood” Dir. Cole Borgstadt (2018)

Key Grip - Web series, “An Immigrant’s Guide” Dir. Hannah Warling (2018)

Editor - Web series, “Grow The F**k Up” Dir. Jackie Jasso (2018)

Costume Designer - Short, “Woman In The Arena” Dir. Rachel Wilke (2018)

Production Assistant - Pilot, “Dirt” Dir. Nick Walker (2018)

Costume Assistant - Short, “Snake Gone Through” Dir. Strack Azar (2017)

Locations Manager - Web Series, “The 4th Wall” Dir. Lexi Campbell (2017)

Art Production Assistant - Short, “Rancid Relations” Dir. Phillipp Nesterenko (2017)

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